BANNED: Older Women Are Becoming Desperate To Meet A Man


  • August 15, 2019, 13:26 pm
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Molly Shattuck, the sexy former Ravens cheerleader, was arrested Wednesday and banned from a local school after allegedly having unlawful sexual contact with a 15-year-old boy.

In the summer, she'd pick up the boy during his lunch breaks and they would "get in the back of the car and make out."

One night earlier in the summer she asked him for help walking her dog. Once they got outside, she began kissing and performed oral sex on him. The boy then went up to a rooftop deck, where he and other teens drank alcohol.

Shattuck then "came up and said that he needs to go to bed," according to the report.

The boy then went into Shattuck's bedroom, where she stripped to her underwear, performed oral sex on him again and told him she would be willing to have intercourse, the affidavit states.

"The shocking part is why a good looking girl would go this far just for sex," said a local resident.

But lately there's been an explosion of older women across the country: teachers, mothers, wives and career women who eagerly looking to hookup and have an affair.

Ms. Shattuck implied that she had started to become frustrated that men wouldn't notice her advances... "Its like men are stupid... they can't see the signals when a woman wants to have some fun” she told US Weekly...

Psychology and dating expert Craig G. Miller agreed... "unfortunately, most men just don't know signs a woman is interested... they have no idea these signs even exist. Which is why if you do, you can easily find a lot of interested women..."

Anderson Cooper's TV has posted an uncensored version of his interview with Mr. Miller below where he exposes the hidden "sex signals" to look for...

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Jennifer McGrath

Is an England native that has always been infatuated with the city of Baltimore and its local Pop-Culture. She writes stories for the local newspaper and even has her own blog on Baltimore. She loves going to Ravens and Orioles games on the weekends.

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