The Shocking TRUTH My Ex Told Me About Women


  • February 21, 2019, 13:38 pm
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I was newly single, alone and deeply frustrated...

I hadn't been on a date in six months and was starting to die inside from sexual starvation.

My health was fading, I had become depressed and I was addicted to internet porn.

But one night, what thought was just a casual conversation with my ex-girlfriend ended up changing my life.

I was venting to her about how difficult... how impossible it was to get a date or even a casual hookup, and that's when she cut me off...

First, she started laughing.

My face turned red with embarrassment.

Then she said...

"you know... there are girls out every night who want to meet a guy for fun...

If you just want something casual, it's EASY!"

I didn't believe her; I convinced myself it wasn't true...

I told myself she didn't know what she was talking about...

I was SURE that meeting women was hard work

Yet as the week went on I started to notice secret signals women were sending... at the gym, at work and at bars, dropping subtle hints that they were interested.

They could come from a girl who secretly wants to be your girlfriend or perhaps just wants a little casual fun and it's all easier than you might ever imagine possible.

My EX was right all along.

And the dirty truth is there are women who are eagerly looking for a man or to have some casual fun all around you - you just need to look for the RIGHT signals.

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Steve Bartlett

Steve is a student working on his masters degree in Bio-Chemistry but also has a strong interest in creative writing. He enjoys combining the two so that people who may not understand the terminology may actually enjoy the information in a refreshing manner.

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