STUDY: Is One Of Your Female Friends Secretly Interested In You, But Too Nervous To Tell You?


  • March 20, 2019, 17:41 pm
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New research shows there is probably a girl who is secretly interested in you, she's just too nervous to tell you.

Because of a psychological phenomenon known of "social pressure" women often feel they will be judged by their friends, family and co-workers for being too upfront about their sexual interest in a man.

Being openly promiscuous is often looked down upon by others and could leave her outcast from her social circle, family and coworkers - the most important parts of her life.

The only way to tell if she's interested is what University Of New Mexico researchers call "Sexual Cue Signals," which are hidden signs that a woman will send out when she's interested in you.

Unfortunately, according to the study, 96% of men have no idea what these signals are.

CNN's Anderson Cooper sits down with research and relationship expert Craig Miller to expose the truth in this shocking video...

Click Here: How To Decode Her Secret "Sex Signals"

This clip is 100% free to watch and is available for a limited time only.

Candra Patterson

Candra is New York Native in her senior year at NYU working on her degree in journalism. She became fascinated in the way men and interact with each other and began to wright on this topic and submitting work to a number of different blogs.

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