REPORT: Are Millennial Girls Becoming Desperate To Meet A Man?


  • February 21, 2019, 17:38 pm
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The shocking truth is young, attractive women are having a very difficult time meeting men.

With all the online dating sites, apps and texting you might think love and hooking up would only get easier, but it seems the endless options have only made life more difficult.

The Boston Globe that Sue Liang gave up entirely. "Sometimes, I get so tired of it. It's hard to tell if someone's really genuine."

She's not alone. Reports show American women want to meet men for relationships and for casual fun at social centers like the gym, at work, a bars or a party.

That's why it's critical for men of all ages to know the hidden signs a woman is interested.

Chances are, if you're out at a bar or party or even at work, there are women who are very interested in meeting you, or even having just some casual fun.

However women don't like to make the first move to avoid social stigmas or look overaggressive.

That's why younger girls are letting men know they're interested through these little-known sex signals.

This truth reveals a shocking secret about women and according to a New Mexico University study over 96% of men have idea what these signals are or that they even exist!

The good news is that if you can be the one man at the bar or party who knows what to look for, then you can easily get the women who are interested...

The new discovery was just covered by CNN's Anderson Cooper in a new controversial segment that's been posted...

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Candra Patterson

Candra is New York Native in her senior year at NYU working on her degree in journalism. She became fascinated in the way men and interact with each other and began to wright on this topic and submitting work to a number of different blogs.

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