STUDY: "Cue Theory" Reveals Surprising Signals Women Send To Men When They're Interested


  • March 19, 2019, 13:40 pm
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Is she interested in you? Does she secretly want to be your girlfriend or a just a hot one night affair?

These are the questions men are often confused and frustrated by when it comes to the opposite sex, and if you feel the same way, new research is about to change all that.

See, unlike men, when women communicate their desire and interest for you in a very different way.

A woman will never tell you tell you flat out that she's interested, instead she will send you subtle signals. Unfortunately 96% of men have no idea these signals even exist and miss them entirely.

That means that right now there may be women who are interested in you at your gym, office or at parties - even women you're friends with now - you just have no idea.

If you're single, alone and frustrated, then single discovery could change your luck overnight.

Sexual Cue Correlation Map

So what exactly is "Sexual Cue Theory"?

It's a new discovery that's come from years of cutting edge research at the University of New Mexico.

It was previously believe that unlike other animals, human female had no such signals, but this is now proven false and researches have uncovered a whole number of different signals women send me.

In a test, only 4% of men could identify these mating signals, but after examining a simple series of images and video that clearly pointed out the key signals, nearly all the men could easily identify them and tell which women were interested or wanted to hookup...

CNN's Anderson Cooper recently covered a segment on the breakthrough research with Mr. Craig Miller which can be viewed for free for a limited time only here...

This clip is free to watch and is available for a limited time only.

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